Sometimes it’s better to just get out and enjoy the fresh air. This week, I met with a curious and driven man keen to work on boosting sales and lead generation. This is something I absolutely love working on because I get to validate some of my newest psychological sales techniques, but with real cases. Real people. Real lives.

As a hungry young startup situated in the centre of Amsterdam’s flower market, they’re itching to grow and take over the world. And so should they, not the least because the rent in that neck of the woods is insanity.

But the upside is that when meeting with them by the flower market, you can take in an historic surrounding and area whilst still doing business. The little things in life. Those are what makes life fun. And while I can’t say whether or not my client noted the centuries-old buildings, beautiful marketplace, or hordes of people throwing themselves into the famous market – I sure did. 

And it’s those moments that make doing business in a city like Amsterdam fantastic, wonderful, and inspiring. Doubly so when seen from the helm of my funky little scooter.