Anyone who tells you that you need to prepare for and be ready for a big presentation, or a pitch day, or a TV interview, or an investor meeting is wrong.

Well, they’re not entirely wrong; you do have to be ready for those situations. But, the real masters of business growth are ready to pitch anyone, at any moment. Sure, it’s harder and takes more work and preparation than ever. But if you had to ever ask yourself: am I really ready to convince anyone, anytime, anywhere? You might need a little extra push to get you going faster and smarter than ever before.

I’ll tell you why this matters.

Who knows who you’re sitting next to in a restaurant, or in line for the movies or whilst grocery shopping? That frumpy looking dude in sweatpants could be your next multimillion dollar investor, a great referral – or just someone shopping for watermelons.

Either way, you need to be ready.

Unless you really like hanging out by the watermelons.That’s cool too; they’re pretty refreshing.

But watermelons are notoriously crap at accelerating nearly every kind of business. Well, except the watermelon business.

So you gotta hustle. And hustle hard. And hustle every day. Hustle so much that it nearly becomes second nature. Only then you’ll realise that the hustle, this game people are all talking about, never stops. It never concedes. It never lets up, never stops changing, growing and improving. And neither should you.

That’s why I #LoveTheHustle.