Knowledge and skills aren’t differentiating or interesting. They are the predictable outcomes of attending a university. Everybody has them. 

Graduating from a particular school or faculty endows students with roughly the same set of tools, models, knowledge and skills.

These basic capacities are homogenous across the industry, and are of little use when trying to discern a credibly innovative applicant from just another design school graduate.

What matters is what extra value that graduates can bring to the table.

They should be able to comfortably mashup different disciplines, industries, and concepts to relevantly craft meaningful and inspiring creativity.


Understanding the nature of insights, the importance of research, and the power of business development is crucial to being an effective creative at any level.

Focus on people.

Learn to read behavior.

Study life and living.

Dance like nobody is watching.

Set a vision and stick to it no matter what (especially in the shitty times).


With the right focus and dedication to asking more questions, challenging the norm and defying convention, a good creative thinker can easily become an even better strategic mind. Schooling can only take you so far. It’s up to the curious child in all of us to explore ideas further, and develop richer, more valuable insights.


Most of this post was originally published in GapJumpers on September 23, 2014.